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zero waste

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Stay-at-home Scavenger hunt

I am the founder of Reveal – a company that is building a community around sustainable and zero waste living habits. To help people stay busy and have fun even though we are all at home, we have created an at-home scavenger hunt that...
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7 Steps to Go Green: On the Go

“Sustainable travel, ultimately, is moral travel.” I love to travel, whether it’s a day trip to a neighboring town or state park or a flight to the other side of the world. There’s something mind-blowing to me about seeing an...
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7 Steps to Go Green: In the Bathroom

The bathroom can seem like a daunting place to choose sustainable products and develop greener behaviors. It’s the most important room in our residences when it comes to personal hygiene and keeping clean, yet most bathrooms contribute to an unclean...
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