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Intro to Permaculture @ Greensgrow Farms

Registration required. Learn about the basics of permaculture and how to apply them in your own outdoor spaces with our expert instructor, Ari Rosenberg. Designing your home garden with permaculture principles can make your garden easier to maintain as well...
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Sustainability & DIY Seed Bomb Workshop

Seed bombs started to help desolate neighborhoods look better by adding vegetation in barren areas and birthed the “guerrilla gardening” movement. However, you don’t have to go rogue in order to make these yourself – dropping them into a planter...
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Responsible Entrepeneur: Upcoming Workshop with Carol Sanford

  How can you create actual positive change? Let's think big here: Instead of checking off the sustainability 'to do' list, make an impact. The Responsible Entrepreneur: Move from Doing Good to Creating Real Change workshop with Carol Sanford is approaching on Monday, August 4th at CityCoHo | Philly Nexus. Author of The Responsible Business and The Responsible Entrepreneur: Four Game Changing Archetypes for Founders, Leaders and Impact Investors, Sanford's resume includes consulting for entrepreneurs like Seventh Generation and Google. Here's the full deets:
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How to Make a Terrarium (in a Root Bottle)

Call me a terrarium expert in training. OK, maybe expert is pushing it. But in addition to planting my own backyard garden, I recently attended a Terrarium workshop with the folks at Arts in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction in Olde City. I had no idea how to create a terrarium, or the skill it requires. But Dave and the other guides successfully have been planting terrariums and gave me (and 40 of my new friends during the 2 hour workshop) tricks of the trade as we enjoyed Root mixed drinks to wish my terrarium the best of luck in its new growth. Things you’ll need: an empty Root (or any) bottle, small stones, Spanish moss, charcoal pellets, soil, moss, paper (for a funnel), chopstick, towel (paper or cloth) Here’s how I (and you!) can make a Root terrarium (courtesy of Art in the Age):
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