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Winterfest for Wildlife: A Fundraiser for the Wildlife Clinic

It’s a day of wildlife-themed fun: face-painting, nature crafts, winter wildlife hikes, and talks on both urban wildlife and how animals survive winter. As the event supports our Wildlife Clinic, check out our website for suggestions on gifts to bring...
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Holidays at East Market

There is ‘snow’ better way to get in the holiday spirit than East Market’s inaugural Snow Walk experience. From December 7-31, East Market will transform into a magical winter wonderland as hundreds of LED lights come together with a 35-foot...
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Safer Ice Melt: Protect Your Pets – Friday Quickie

All of this snow outside means people rush to treat their sidewalks and driveways. But don't run and buy the nearest rock salt available on your corner store. Common ice melt products and rock salt can become trapped in pets' paws, causing severe irritation and burns. Or, the animals will lick their paws in relief and ingest them, which is even worse and can lead to serious side effects. Even if you have an indoor animal, you'll track some salt in with your shoes in the cold weather. Find out more about choosing safe & pet-friendly ice melt, after the jump!
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Top Tips to “Winterize” Your Home

This year many readers have resolved to maintain or rev up their green lifestyle. We’re here to help! Winter chill has definitely been felt in the tri-state area recently. Frigid temps often have us thinking about the cozy and warm and admittedly sometimes doing what ever is most convenient and easy. But, keeping your home eco-friendly during winter doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. Read on for some tips for the winter season:
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