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International Ocean Film Tour – Philadelphia

The International Ocean Film Tour sails into Philadelphia on Thursday, Sept. 27, with an exciting lineup of high seas adventures and inspiring environmental documentaries. Hosted by the Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival and The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University,...
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Dr. Peter Gleick Talks Water in our Q&A and Visits Philly on Friday!

Want to find out more about water from an expert? Water and climate-change expert, Peter Gleick is bringing his Global Water Challenges & Solutions talk to Philly this week! Fairmount Water Works Interpretative Center is celebrating its 10th anniversary on Friday, October 25th by hosting Dr. Gleick. According to Wired Magazine, "one of the 15 people the next president should listen to" is discussing water use, public health and the future of our climate change. We were able to talk with Dr. Gleick before his Philly visit ask about his upcoming lecture, water and what Philadelphians can do to help. Before we get to the interview, we're giving a free pair of passes to the lecture and reception. Simply enter a comment below and Like us on Facebook (or follow on Twitter- just mention which one IN the comments.) In the comments below, answer the question, "How can you do to conserve water?" Read our Q&A with Dr. Gleick and find out more about Friday's event, after the jump!
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Friday Quickie: Boil it & ConServe

The average US household uses 130,000 gallons of water per year. Therefore, anytime you can conserve H2O helps the cause. When making a delicious dinner (or snack), try to boil food in as little water as possible.  Use just enough water to cover what your cooking, and put a lid on to heat things up faster. After you're finished and the water's cooled down, use the excess water to water houseplants instead of dumping down the drain.
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Quick Tips

Quick Tip – Turn Off The Faucet!

One of the easiest things to do - yet so often neglected - is turning off the lights in your home. Another? Shut off the faucet when cleaning or brushing your teeth. You can save an average of 30 gallons of water while washing dishes - saving you $$ (that would instead be going down the drain...!)
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Eco-Inspiration: Alexandra Cousteau and Blue Legacy

Despite our very best efforts to be environmentally active sometimes it's tough to motivate. The problems can seem too big or too far away from our individual lives. Sometimes, when I feel overwhelmed I look to "enviro-celebs" to inspire me... Alexandra Cousteau is one of these celebs I speak of. Cousteau is founder of Blue Legacy, a non-profit movement to bring water to the forefront of society's issues. Further, Blue Legacy aims to motivate people to act on these critical issues. Alexandra's family is rooted in environmental advocacy. She's the grand-daughter of activist and National Geography contributor Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Her parents were bringing her on expeditions when she was just a few months old.
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