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10 Reasons to Sign & Pass on the Plastic Bag Reduction Initiative!

Philly residents have a lot on their mind - will the Eagles squeak out a win again this Sunday, will the Phils make the playoffs, how long will the beautiful weather last? However, we continue to feel pleased to hear that Philadelphians also care about the city's plastic bag use. When someone signs our plastic bag reduction petition we ask that they list a reason why this initiative is important to them. Here's just some of the reasons Philadelphians are saying prompted them to sign the plastic bag petition:
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Make Your Own Reusable Bag!

One of the most quick-catching green habits (notice I didn’t say trends) is the reusable bag. It’s old news that carrying your own bags for groceries, clothes shopping, as lunch “boxes” etc is a great way to cut down on plastic and paper waste. But what about taking this action a step further and creating your own reusable bags from materials around the home? That’s what Valerie Frazier of Langhorne, PA does. “Going out and purchasing a manufactured bag seemed as though it was adding to the problem of too much stuff in the world,” Valerie said. So, she decided to find a way to use her big ol stash of grocery bags. The result?
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No Water Car Wash?

It’s officially spring (halleluiah!) With the decreased chance of messy snow messing up their newly washed cars, people are more likely to be putting effort into regular car-washes. This year consider an eco-friendly wash, and go waterless. It sounds a little...
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