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Philly Talks Trash

May Program — Incineration: Why Philly Needs to Stop Sending Our Trash to Chester May 19th 6:30 – 8:00 pm Chester, Pennsylvania has long been known as one of the nation’s worst cases of environmental racism. This small city just...
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Philly Talks Trash: A Virtual Series on Waste

Litter, open dumping, lingering garbage from missed pick-ups and unmanaged public receptacles, waste is polluting our Philadelphia neighborhoods, landscapes, and waterways. Plastic packaging of all kinds is so pervasive it is hard to avoid and next to impossible to recycle. ...
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10 Reasons to Sign & Pass on the Plastic Bag Reduction Initiative!

Philly residents have a lot on their mind - will the Eagles squeak out a win again this Sunday, will the Phils make the playoffs, how long will the beautiful weather last? However, we continue to feel pleased to hear that Philadelphians also care about the city's plastic bag use. When someone signs our plastic bag reduction petition we ask that they list a reason why this initiative is important to them. Here's just some of the reasons Philadelphians are saying prompted them to sign the plastic bag petition:
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