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Philadelphia Election Guide 2014: Voting for Sustainability

It's a midterm election year! That means we get to sleep in and skip the polls, eh? Wrong! Although we're not voting for a new Commander-in-Chief, there's plenty to consider in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. Namely, WTF will make important decisions about taxes and funding for the keystone state?! Here's a looksy at the November 2014 Philadelphia Ballot for those teacher's pets who want to come all prepared. Let's preview the Philadelphia polls and who the environmental champions (and losers) would be.
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Green Guide to Election Day 2010: Vote Tomorrow, Philadelphia!

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2nd. It's crucial that you vote, and here's a quick guide to who's on the ballot & their environmental stances to help you be informed & decide: (Disclaimer: My opinion is italicized so you can tell the difference between what's actually on the candidate's page/fact and my opinion, which does not reflect the candidates' thoughts. None of the candidates have contacted myself nor Green Philly Blog for endorsements.)
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Don’t Forget to Vote, Philadelphia!

If you haven't already, you NEED to vote today! A record number of people have registered this year, and a huge number voted in the primary. However, regardless of the number of people who you see that say they've voted, your vote still matters. My "voting history" began with my vote for Ross Perot (My dad brought me into the voting booth with him growing up, so I was able to cast a vote at age 9 and be a part of the process.) I've always voted in every election I could. I've attended a few political rallies, including last night for a Joe Biden rally in South Philly. Mayor Nutter, Governor Ed Rendell, World Series champ Jimmy Rollins, and Jill & Joe Biden all spoke.
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