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Valentine's Day

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8 Reasons Why I Love Philly – #whyilovephilly

Happy Valentine's Day... if that's your thing to green. More importantly, today’s Twitterverse is blowing up with #whyilovephilly, on a campaign started by the awesome folks at Philly Love Notes. In honor of the occasion, we brainstormed our favorite reasons why Philadelphia rocks. Here are 8 reasons why I love Philly, after the jump!
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Last Minute Green Valentine’s Ideas

Whether you're spending Valentine's day with your buddies, your significant other, your couch and some booze, and chocolate today I bring you some ideas to make this red themed hallmark-holiday a bit greener. Cards are sweet, and these days most drug stores offer a decent selection printed on recycled paper. But why not up the thoughtfulness ante, and create a homemade card from scratch. Use recycled construction paper or the back of some paper you have lying around the house. Surely, your Valentine won't mind the chicken scratch list on the back side when you've put so much effort into a cute homemade card. ( I did this for my husband one year and he said it was his favorite card I've given.) Red roses are traditional, a little boring and not the most sustainable choice as they often carry a big carbon footprint from being flow in from afar. Instead of flowers treat your Valentine or yourself to a house plant. They clean household air and last MUCH longer. What's valentine's day without chocolate?  If  you or your Valentine is a chocoholic like me choose fair trade options like Endangered Species chocolate or Alter Eco. Skip the tacky and cliche box o'chocolates; You never know what you're biting into in those, anyway! Feel like baking?
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Fellas & Gals Rejoice with this Valentine’s Tip: Ditch Roses Today

While we've previously given you advice to green your valentine's day, here's another tradition to consider: flowers. Our advice? Ditch the roses. Valentine's Day roses are not only pricey, but often come with hefty carbon footprints after being flown from far distances, having  been plucked from pesticide-filled fields.  There's nothing  that says "I love you"  more than chemicals filling one's nostrils on a romantic holiday, right? Instead, (find out more, after the jump!)
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Healthy and Delicious Valentine’s Day Smoothie

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s the holiday many people love to hate or is it hate to love… hmmm… Here’s the good news: no matter what you have going on in your romantic life this holiday- this is a smoothie you’re bound to love. Inspired by the Rosie's Romance super-food smoothie from NYC’s The Juice Press, this is a delectable blend with a pretty, valentine’s appropriate hue. Read on for the simple recipe!
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Green Your Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's day! We're recycling this post, originally published on February 9, 2009 to help those last minute procrastinators (or check out how to green your post-vday activities: It may be a contrived, made-up “hallmark holiday” – but who doesn’t like an excuse to give and get? This Valentine’s Day you can do that and show love to the planet at the same time. Here’s some tips to green your Valentine’s Day:
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