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Miracle-Gro, Organic, or ‘Who Cares’ Soil? Friday Quickie

If you haven't started seedlings yet for your spring & summer crops, it's time to get started. First thing: which potting mix should you choose? Although Miracle-Gro tends to dominate Home Depot & conventional 'home' stores, you may be supporting a scary brand. Miracle-gro has fertilizers and synthetic chemicals, criticized for not improving soil over the long term but instead leaching unnatural chemicals into streams and ponds. (Find out more, after the jump!)
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Starting your Container Garden: Tips for Urban Dummies

Don't frown urbanites. Even if you don't have grass in your city property limits, you can still grow your own food this season. I started planting seeds for the first harvest of my container garden last week.  Obviously I didn't inherit my dad's gardening skills regardless of my DNA, so it has taken some experimentation over the past 2 years.  (I was an Urban Dummy just a short time ago!)  Here's the basics if you're considering to plant this season.
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