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Wellness Saturday: Forest Bathing

Shinrin-Yoku, which translates to “forest bathing,” is a traditional Japanese form of nature therapy. From the immune boosts of calming compounds given off by trees to the improved mood, energy, and overall well-being offered, forest bathing helps us find healing...
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Day-Off Camp: Rock On!

When schools are closed, we’re open! Bring your kids to the Schuylkill Center for a day of fun and exploration. Become a junior geologist as we break out the hammers and chisels to examine rocks and minerals up close. Learn...
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Serve the Preserve

WVWA needs your help to reforest and restore its preserves to their natural state by helping to remove invasive plant species and replant the area with native trees, shrubs and grasses. Volunteers of all skill levels and ages are invited...
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Philadelphia Eagles Green Impact – New Efforts for 2010

Philly's gearing up for the big game this weekend. It'll be a particularly interesting battle as Sunday marks Donovan McNabb's return to the Linc. I could go on about what the outcome of the game means for perception and morale. But, this is an environmental blog after all. So let's talk green. Where do the Eagles stand with their eco-efforts in 2010?
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Cool Photos: Buildings Made from Trees

A friend forwarded me this link of Whole Tree Architecture creations and I wanted to share! How cool is this? Roald Gunderson creates buildings from whole trees! From the site: "According to the Forest Products Laboratory, a whole, unmilled tree can support 50 percent more weight than the largest piece of lumber milled from the same tree." Enjoy!
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