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Green Philadelphia Hotels: Where to Stay

There’s a lot of talk about sustainable restaurants and schools, but what about hotels? Whether you’re a resident or visiting Philly for a weekend, frequenting sustainable businesses encourage others to catch on and become more sustainable too. Sustainable Philadelphia Hotels Consumers are seeking ecotourism & sustainable travel to support environmental initiatives beyond delaying towel and sheet changing. Lucky for us, many hotels in Philadelphia are making tremendous strides in a variety of ways. Let’s compare a few sustainable trends amongst the different Philly hotels.
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Eco Friendly Napa: Food, Activity and Wine (Obviously)

I spent last weekend soaking up the loveliness that is Napa Valley. We stayed in the charming town of Yountville and enjoyed it to the fullest. Napa is gorgeous all year-round but the spring and fall months tend to be the busiest. If you're in need of lots of some wine and relaxation I'd consider it for your next vacation. Here are some of my recommendations: Explore One of my favorite things to do when traveling is aimlessly wander and see what I stumble upon. In Yountville its super easy to do just that. The town is small and walkable. I took a jog my first morning there to take in the beautiful hills and quaint shops.  I happened upon parks, a greenhouse, and shops opening for the first wine tasting of the day (yes, at 8:30am!)
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Haven Restaurant Houston is Upscale Farm to Table

  So when you think of Houston, Texas the image of an environmentally city may not be what you envision. And, well you'd be correct. It's true Houston is well known for big hair, big houses and  big oil;  Plus in my experience residents don't walk anywhere (one exception may be across the popular Galleria mall) and recycling bins in public areas are somewhat scarce. But enough Houston criticizing - for today ;)  While visiting the city recently I found a restaurant gem I had to share. Haven restaurant is all about seasonal fare and inventive dishes. The atmosphere is polished yet earthy and formal enough for a special occasion but not too stuffy for a slightly boozy brunch. Plus, it's a green certified restaurant. Haven's produce, herbs, and honey are grown and harvested from their organic garden located on the property.
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Friday Quickie: Fly Direct

Hey readers, have any exciting spring or summer travel plans coming up? If you're flying and can manage it financially try to fly direct. Layovers in your itinerary can add miles to your carbon footprint. When you take one flight as opposed to hopping on a few to reach your final destination you'll help save excess emissions. (Plus, you usually arrive feeling a little less frazzled and your luggage is less likely to go missing.) When this just isn't possible - financially or logistically (flying direct internationally is often tough) - be sure to be aware of your impact while vacationing.
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City Spotlight: New York’s Candle 79 & Candle Cafe

Welcome to our new monthly series, City Spotlight, where we feature green goodness in cities across the nation and globe. Here you'll find ideas for great vegan and veg restaurants, cool eco-sites and shops, and other worthy attractions for when you venture beyond Philly - and the Jersey Shore ;) My recent and upcoming travels have prompted me to share some of my favorite haunts, and we hope you'll share yours as well whether in the comments or via email. Today let's talk about NYC - the city where you can get anything you want anytime of day. And, that includes off the charts vegan dining options. I enjoy a lot of vegan restaurants when I'm in Manhattan including Blossom, Peacefood Cafe, Pure Food & Wine (all raw!) and v-note. However, my first choice go-to picks are sister restaurants Candle 79 & Candle Cafe. They focus on local, seasonal vegan fare and use organic ingredients whenever possible. Click through to find out what makes these spots special!
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Music Festival Season! 5 Tips to Stay Green

It's time to start planning your summer entertainment indulgences. One of my favorite things about the warm season is all the opportunities to enjoy live outdoor music. If you're headed to Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Philly's WXPN festival, Outside Lands, or any other fest you'll want to keep things green while rocking out. Here's 5 must -know tips to be prepared:
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Lessons from Japan

Though I've given some negative press to Japan - for the slaughtering of dolphins - I do have great respect for the country. I had the amazing opportunity to spend 10 days in Japan with my Mom and one of my best friends. We explored everywhere from Nakatsu to Hirsohima, Kyoto, Tokyo, Nara, Nikko and Beppu. Of course, I made sure to observe enviro-habits abroad. One of the most interesting things I noticed is how efficient the country is. When the Japanese put out waste, they have to separate their plastics, aluminum, glass, and any other recyclables in separate bags from one ‘burnable’ waste area. If this isn't done, fines ensue. (With a country so small, it's risky not to take drastic recycling efforts). One night I stayed at the Earth Embassy at the base of Mount Fuji. American Jacob Reiner founded this organic farm, education center and restaurant to better the local area - especially with delicious produce. We met five volunteers who stay anywhere from a week to several months - investing their time for the greater good. (I also enjoyed a banana and garlic pizza from the delicious café - don’t knock it until you try it…) Eco-Lessons that I imported from Japan for you?
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