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Philly Talks Trash

May Program — Incineration: Why Philly Needs to Stop Sending Our Trash to Chester May 19th 6:30 – 8:00 pm Chester, Pennsylvania has long been known as one of the nation’s worst cases of environmental racism. This small city just...
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The First Annual Cold Weather Cleanup

Hey everyone! Cold Weather Company here, we’re a NJ-based alternative folk band that often performs in Philly (including pretty recently at the SustainPHL Awards)! November 15th, 2013 marked the date of our first ever show, meaning we’re coming up on...
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Blue Friday

The idea behind our nationwide, DIY cleanup initiative is simple: It only takes an empty trash bag, a pair of gloves, and a moment of your time to make an impact on our oceans. Join us the day after Thanksgiving,...
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When Is Trash Day?

The city of Philadelphia has weekly curbside trash and recycling collection and serves about 530,000 residential units. Yet, new residents (or recently moved) aren’t sure which day they should be setting out their cans. When is my trash day? Find out...
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