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toilet paper

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Where Can I (Wednesday)… Recycle Paper Towel & Toilet Tubes?

When I stop home at my parents house, I try to give them some hints of what they're not recycling (and should) as the self-appointed 'recycle police'.  But then I see it... No paper, but a lonely tube, surrounded by tissues. Good news: Paper tubes from paper towels, TP, tape, etc., can go into your Single Stream Recycling! No extra effort. Recycle on!  (And try to use dishtowels instead of paper...) ;-)
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Are you using Eco-friendly TP?

My friends, co-workers & family know I co-write "Green Philly Blog" and ask for green advice. While I often can assist, I occasionally don't even know the answer... (Sorry to expose that fact.) As Beth & I have mentioned before, the green route isn't always crystal-clear - especially with green imposters. When I was asked about eco-friendliness of toilet paper, I had to do a little research. My old roomie & I were meant to be: As one visiting friend pointed out, we were huge fans of 1-ply toilet paper - not always found at mid-20, chick apartments. However, it turns out this mutual love of 1-ply is quite eco-friendly. Want to know what to look for in TP purchases? Experts recommend:
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