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the Cove

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Sustainable Travels

Lessons from Japan

Though I've given some negative press to Japan - for the slaughtering of dolphins - I do have great respect for the country. I had the amazing opportunity to spend 10 days in Japan with my Mom and one of my best friends. We explored everywhere from Nakatsu to Hirsohima, Kyoto, Tokyo, Nara, Nikko and Beppu. Of course, I made sure to observe enviro-habits abroad. One of the most interesting things I noticed is how efficient the country is. When the Japanese put out waste, they have to separate their plastics, aluminum, glass, and any other recyclables in separate bags from one ‘burnable’ waste area. If this isn't done, fines ensue. (With a country so small, it's risky not to take drastic recycling efforts). One night I stayed at the Earth Embassy at the base of Mount Fuji. American Jacob Reiner founded this organic farm, education center and restaurant to better the local area - especially with delicious produce. We met five volunteers who stay anywhere from a week to several months - investing their time for the greater good. (I also enjoyed a banana and garlic pizza from the delicious café - don’t knock it until you try it…) Eco-Lessons that I imported from Japan for you?
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The Cove Review: Documentary of Taiji's Secret

Looking for an informative but interesting flick? Sundance winner The Cove offers summer entertainment plus lots of suspense - while informing the public about a "secret" that's purely disturbing. Every year in Taiji, Japan, 23,000 dolphins are slaughtered in a cove for their meat. Former dolphin trainer Ric O'Barry is at the forefront of uncovering Taiji's hunt to the public. But is this practice a cultural difference, or just plain wrong? Here's a trailer:
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