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5 Perfect Vegetarian Responses to Carnivores This Thanksgiving

Ah, vegetarians (or pescetarians, or flexitarians...) often have that awkward moment at Thanksgiving Dinner when we're passed the turkey and have to pass ON it. Although I previously spent $50 on a 'humane' turkey,  I'll likely go meat-free this Thursday. And the worst part? The comments from family around the table, about my seemingly-from-afar-prestigious decision. Don't fret, meatless readers. I brainstormed a few comebacks to avoid awkward silences around the table.
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Vegetarian Thanksgiving Sides That’ll Make You Forget About the Poor Bird

I come from a big family - my parents are both one of eight and I have a zillion cousins (60+) Picture the Irish Catholic/Italian version of the my big fat greek wedding family and you're close to an image of our typical holiday. But, this Thanksgiving marks a first. As we recently moved and aren't a bus trip away from my family anymore my husband and I decided to tackle Thanksgiving on our own. Essentially this means me. He has a lot of good qualities and talents but cooking isn't among them ;) I'm feeling totally liberated and excited at the prospect of being 100% in control of my Thanksgiving feast for the first time in my life. My husband isn't a vegetarian by any means but he'll literally eat anything I put in front of him (alas one of those good qualities I referred to above.) Essentially I have full reign to go crazy with the vegetarian and meatless sides that I consider the best part of the holiday. As a non meat-eater I like the idea of a centerpiece dish - like a tofurky for example - but to be honest I don't go ga ga over faux meats. I find them very hit or miss. And, why does the bird or "bird" get all the attention. anyway? Load me up with side dishes and I'm a happy girl! That said click through for a run down of some of the vegetarian Thanksgiving side recipes that will be making an appearance at our Thanksgiving this year.
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Strategic Planning for Those Holiday Food Leftovers…

Are you still stuffed from those Thankgiving leftovers? (Considering my family decided to host Thanksgiving fashionably late, I'm still in a food-coma.) "Tis the season for parties and mountains of food... which equals lots of excess waste.   Between Thanksgiving and New Years Day, our food waste TRIPLES in the United States.  What can you do to cut back this statistic for the holiday season?
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A Greener Thanksgiving : Here’s How

Holidays always seem to test our good green intentions. The travel, the FOOD, and the excess waste can leave a big footprint. T-day eve and Thanksgiving day mark the biggest travel days of the year. And, according to Recycleworks household waste in the US increases 25 percent between Thanksgiving and New Years. Yikes. How can you put your eco-conscious at ease? Here are some tips to enjoy a greener Thanksgiving. Click through to read on!
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