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Friday Quickie: Green Your Tax Season – It pays to be green!

If you're a slacker like me, you haven't filed your taxes yet. Make the process a little greener: Try using a program like TurboTax or H&R Block to file your taxes online.  Spare a tree by saving a copy to an external hard drive or flash USB drive.  Or, store the document on a secure place online. If you really need to print out a copy, utilize recycled paper. Also, if you're a homeowner: BONUS! You may qualify for some Energystar energy efficiency-related deductions. It can literally pay to be green!
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40 Day Lent Challenge: Can One Survive on Philly Products?

Confession: When I was supposed to give up something for Lent growing up, I failed miserably. (Sorry Mom & Dad!)  Whether it was chocolate or swearing, I caved at some point. Instead of failing again at a petty sacrifice, I decided to make a 40-day commitment in 2012 that could make an environmental impact.  Some of my potential options... "Going vegan for 40 days"? Overdone.  (Plus, many people are vegan by choice... like the Skinny Bitches, LA & this Team Vegan Philly.  It would be like one of my friends saying "Guess what! I'm going eco-friendly for 40 days." Yawn.)  Zero-waste household? The Johnsons have already documented their transformation. So, I decided to go back to my roots... My 40 day challenge is
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Schick’s “Eco” Razor – Most Sustainable Oxy-Moron?

OK, so I came across this article the other day: Schick’s eco razor is coined (by Schick) ‘the most sustainably produced disposable razor and associated packaging.” While the way it’s produced is “green (handle is 100% recycle plastic, package composed of 100% post-consumer paper)… IT'S STILL DISPOSABLE!  Meaning, (find out more, after the jump!)
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Zero Waste Home: The Johnson’s

One thing I enjoy about being a green activist and blogger is my belief in the value of a sustainable lifestyle is often reenergized by the efforts of others. Lately I’ve been giving thought to the zero waste home – as the family behind the concept continues to garner well-deserved press. The Johnsons of Mill Valley, California are the zero waste family. The Johnson family’s primary goal is to avoid bringing anything into the house that must eventually be discarded. Read on!
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Alex Elman Wines Review

Sometimes you hear a story about someone who has faced adversity and not only risen above their challenges but done something good because of them. Stories like that are inspiring, and have a way of putting things in perspective. In my eyes this is one of them. Alex Elman lost her sight at 27 years old due to complications from diabetes. Her loss of one sense helped heighten another - taste. She discovered she possesses an exceptional palette for wine tasting. Read on after the jump!
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Uniform Project – How many times could you wear the same outfit?

If you're anything like me, one of your biggest fears is wearing the same outfit twice in a week... or month (unless you can strategically dodge who you saw in the questionable attire.) Could you go for the same outfit for 365 days? Sheena Matheiken vowed to wear the same dress for 1 year (yep) with only recycled accessories. Talk about making an environmental statement! Watch the video for more info: The Uniform Project Trailer from The Uniform Project on Vimeo. Makes you think maybe we don't need a closet (or two) full of options to be stylish...
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Green event: Saturdays – Piazza Farmer's Market

Hungry for some local & fresh produce? Good news - The Piazza at Schmidt’s has an annual Saturday afternoon Farmers Market! The Piazza Farmer’s Market imports local farmers to Northern Liberties to showcase the best local produce, meats, poultry and dairy products available in the city of Philadelphia. Kicking off last Saturday the Piazza Farmer’s Market has
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