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The Most Delicious Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup

Confession here. I've never been much of a soup girl. I mean, not that I was ever opposed. How else can you heal a cold without Chicken Noodle? (Now it's "Chickn" noodle.) Or the occasional Grilled Cheese MUST has Tomato Soup for that gooey, dipping perfection. But beyond that? I didn't want to waste time making soup. But now that I've been getting a CSA for over 3 years and my schedule has NOT slowed down, it's nearly impossible to keep up with all of these damn veggies. But now, I can can saute a few, add water/stock and Voila! I can divide soup into mason jars, stick them in the freezer and pull out a lunch without worrying about BPA or whether it's organic. Because, duh, I made it from farm-fresh, local & organic vegetables. So soup has saved me. Find the recipe for this delicious soup, after the jump:
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