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solar power

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How Natural Gas Affects our Local Economy

This post is brought to you by Solar States. We may have heard mixed messages about Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”: it’s good for the local economy because we do not have to import it/it is a “transition fuel” however, the  contaminated water, radioactive water and threat of pipelines locally outweigh any of these menial pros that fracking fans may conjure up.  Plus, continuing to risk natural resources as Governor Tom Corbett recently signed legislation allowing fracking in state forests and parks. Continuing to risk natural resources- especially spaces that were once protected by state and national law - is unacceptable. There's good news though:  We already have an acceptable alternative that works locally: solar.
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Solar Energy Advantages: 5 Lies That Will Convert You

This sponsored guest post comes from Akil Marsh from Solar States, who discusses solar energy advantages with more energy than a Lady Gaga concert. Solar panels are increasingly popular as we can see them pop up on rooftops and sides of businesses. But it's not for you, right? The advantages of solar energy may convert you to a new look for your home or business. Solar energy doesn't seem convenient - In fact, it's the punching bag of right wing political pundits. Are you even able to afford solar panels on your roof? Here's the 5 biggest lies (and advantages!) of solar energy:
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Sunlight Solar Energy: Helping Educate Philadelphia

"Solar Energy is way too expensive, can't work in cloudy places, unreliable, and ugly. Only people like Al Gore & millionaires can put it in their houses." Sorry guys, these statements are all wrong! Going solar is great for your home, pocket AND the environment. But where do you even start? Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc. is a leading national installer of solar electric and solar hot water systems. Located in Philadelphia, OR, CT & MA, Sunlight has stepped up to the plate to dispel rumors of solar energy through an ongoing educational campaign. The overall success of Sunlight Solar points to their reputation as a reliable source and easy approach of all things solar. Paul Israel, President of Sunlight Solar, attributes the company mission to "educate consumers and empower them to make informed purchasing decisions." Homeowners & businesses have plenty of factors to consider when going solar, (just learn what, after the jump!)
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