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Healthy Soil, Healthy Home, Healthy Life!

Would you like a free soil analysis? Interested in learning how to keep your home safe from lead? Join us for a day of informative, & free activities for everyone! Activities Include: FREE On-site Soil Analysis, Fruit Smoothies, Apple Cider...
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Gingerbread Smoothie Recipe

Ohhhh baby, holiday season is in full swing. I really love this time of year but it can be hectic as heck. When it comes to meals and snacks I find myself doing two things - 1. Craving sweets in a major way  2. Turning to quick & easy recipes that taste deceptively decadent. This is where my gingerbread smoothie recipe comes in. My gingerbread smoothie was actually born out of a failed attempt at gingerbread protein balls. I followed a recipe but they tasted super overpowering and the texture was off. I had just purchased a jar of molasses and have a husband who goes bananas for gingerbread so I was determined to achieve gingerbread flavor bliss. After playing around with a few combinations I found it. This smoothie takes less than 5 minutes to make and it tastes like the holidays. The protein powder provides extra sustenance so you may just be able to say no to that third or fourth holiday cookie.
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