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University of Nature

Join The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education for a full-day of in-depth learning. The day offers a mixture of natural history, environmental art, and humanities. Sessions include urban coyotes, peregrine falcon ecology, environmental art, media and its influence on perceptions...
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3 Awful Things We’re Doing to the Environment (and how I’ll change it)

AKA the post about why I'm majoring in environmental science...  “If all mankind were to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed ten thousand years ago. If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos.” E.O. Wilson once said the above quote, which was one of the first I heard in my environmental science class. Although I understood that humans have been negatively impacting nature and environment, I didn’t realize the magnitude of the effects. Climate change and global warming have been increasingly covered topics, but why? These questions are why I decided to study environmental science. I was interested in how living organisms, especially humans, interact with their nonliving environment. Plus, humans do more than just contribute to global warming - we cause a lot of damage. Here’s 3 ways we're destructing the Earth:
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Reliable Glass Storage in the Kitchen: Kick Plastic with Wean Green

After learning more about plastics (and especially how heating plastics can lead to nasty chemicals leaking), I've made a pledge to replace plastics with alternatives wherever I can... starting with my kitchen. Wean Green is a Canadian company "dedicated to providing parents with safe and environmental baby products that (find out more about Wean Green & kicking plastic from your kitchen, after the jump!)
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Back to School: How to Pack a More Sustainable Lunch

It's that time again! As much as we all don't want to say sayonara to summer the school season is upon us. Back to school time brings a myriad of emotions - excitement, anxiety, relief (helloooo, parents) and for the childless worker bees among us - a bit of nostalgia. Beyond the new clothes, fresh notebooks and binders - parents and students have to think about what to pack for lunch each school day. Of course, most schools offer cafeteria options, but let's face it they can be pretty nasty and more expensive than bagged lunches. Click through for some ideas to make lunches a little greener.
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Back to School Time: Teachers, Green your Class!

The schoolbus is going round and round... which means for a lot of us, more traffic on the roads. But for that special breed of the population responsible for the development of our future leaders, it means time for to educate our youth. While we gave some tips for Teacher Appreciation Week, it's time to remind teachers to try to remember eco-friendly themes in the classroom. After all, you're the ones molding our children and can help them be environmentally-conscious individuals! Here's a few more ideas of what you can do:
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