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Jimmy Pocket Towel: Paper Sucks (WCI Weds)

The toilet flushes... and that's when it gets me. As I'm washing my hands in the bathroom, I see the pile of paper towels overflowing the trashcan. Many places don't have those electronic dryers and with a wave of the motion detector, a magna carter-sized cluster of paper towels comes spitting out. I hate disposables. It haunts me to carelessly use tissues, napkins and paper towels, although my OCD cleanliness sometimes gets the best of me. Where can you find reusable towels while on the go? It's a perfect question for Where Can I Wednesday... So when I found the Jimmy Pocket Towel, I knew I found a hidden gem. Why Jimmy Towel?
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Happy America Recycles Day Philadelphia

Today is national America Recycles Day. Of course at GPB we pretty much think everyday should be recycle day. Nonetheless, I'm grateful for a holiday that commemorates the cause. America Recycles Day has been celebrated since 1997. encourages people and organizations to host events and activities that foster recycling education among colleagues, friends, neighbors and kids on or around this day. Yesterday Mayor Nutter announced that Philadelphia will celebrate America Recycles Day at several locations throughout the city. Here's a rundown on some of the events: (Find out how YOU can celebrate and more about this great day, after the jump):
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