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Art in Action for Greener, Connected Communities

Art is a powerful tool for expressing our voices and experiences, and a vehicle for organizing change. In Philadelphia, The Trust for Public Land (TPL) and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) are using public art to engage city residents in...
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Philly 100% Renewable Energy Forum

Join PennEnvironment and Philadelphia-based State Representatives and Senators to learn more about renewable energy and why we need to make the switch! There will be speeches from the legislators as well as a meet and greet session after the forum....
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Clean PA Energy Suppliers: What are Best Wind & Renewable Options?

Happy Valentine's Day! Want to show some love for your mother today? We mean Mother Earth... Make the switch to clean energy with a PA Wind & Renewable supplier if you haven't yet! It's easy, won't break the bank and you'll be guilt-free of awful carbon emissions. Which one should you choose? I recently found out there's a few options to consider when I moved... (Find out more, after the jump!)
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