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Quick Tips

Friday Quickie: Challenge Yourself to Reduce your Trash

The average American generates 4.6 pounds of trash per day. 2 1/2 lbs goes to landfill and the remainder is recycled or incinerated. Before putting something in your trash can or taking it the curb, think about possible sustainable you can implement.  Try purchasing reusable dish rags over sponges, or towels instead of the paper version. You can even challenge your household: Set one small trash bin out for each member of your household, and see who has the most in it each week.  The loser takes out everyone's trash for one month. Readers, what can you change in your household?  Please share in the comments.
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Quick Tips

Quick Tip – Eating at Work

Rather than use your company’s disposable coffee cups, plates and utensils, bring in a reusable glass or plastic dishware set from home.  You’ll save plastic from being thrown away, use nicer platewares and avoid being the person stuck without a knife! You could even use...
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