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Quick Tips

Friday Quickie: Best Shower Curtain Options

Have you ever thought about what your shower curtain is made of? Did you ever take a whiff of a new vinyl shower curtain? (I admittedly used to like that smell - odd I know.) Well, I now know that "new" fragrance is a result of the off-gassing from polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC.) PVC can contain toxic chemical additives like DEHP. Health experts report that exposure to these chemicals should be limited. This study found that high levels of DEHP are contained in shower curtains, and have been linked to asthma and brain development issues for children.
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Health & Beauty

Green Your Yoga – Mat

As the dreary winter months have me craving feel-good endorphins wherever I can get ‘em I’m discovering one way to feel a little more chipper is yoga. (There’s just something about most yoga instructors voices that makes you feel happy and grateful – even with all the slushy snow on the ground. ) A simple way to green your healthful habit?
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Green Philly

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