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Fixing Philly’s Transit Problem: How to Turn Around Our Crappy Commutes

Are you a commuter who trudges into Philly everyday? Or worse, an urbanite who must leave the city every day to make a living? Philadelphia commutes are longer than the national average (31.5 minutes compared the to average of 25.5), and we have 253,000 workers commuting TO the city and an additional 147,000 city residents on the reverse commute daily. Philly has 25.6% of all commuters taking public transit, compared to 5% nationwide. This is half as much as New York's commuters (55.66%) in the number 1 spot, putting Philly at #7 after Jersey City, Washington DC, San Fran & other cities. Good, but not great. It's frustrating to see Philadelphia pat ourselves on the back for minor accomplishments when we could be SO much better. But in order to relieve our commutes, we need to improve SEPTA and public transit first. Here's what we have going for and against us:
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Friday Quickie: Take Public Transit on Vacay

It's part of our mantra, but we'll tell you again: Take the greener route this summer. Summers an amazing time to take advantage of vacations, near & far, but public transit can get you a lot further than you think. Headed to Atlantic City to gamble or the South Jersey shores? (Find out your boatload of public transit options, after the jump!)
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