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Philadelphia Eagles Green Impact – New Efforts for 2010

Philly's gearing up for the big game this weekend. It'll be a particularly interesting battle as Sunday marks Donovan McNabb's return to the Linc. I could go on about what the outcome of the game means for perception and morale. But, this is an environmental blog after all. So let's talk green. Where do the Eagles stand with their eco-efforts in 2010?
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Phillies Ryan Madson Greens Home

Phillies Pitcher Ryan Madson is making eco-friendly Philadelphia fans proud. He and his wife, Sarah, have decided to make their Wayne home greener. They purchased the house in April and have hired Main Line's Caledonia Renovations to green the property. The Madson's eco improvements include:
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How the NBA is Supporting Environmental Action

The NBA (National Basketball Association) dubbed April 1-9 the league’s official 2010 Green Week. This week marks the second annual green week for the NBA. I can be a bit of a skeptic when it comes to determining if a major association is simply using the green movement as a marketing tool. However, the NBA is putting some a-c-t-i-o-n behind their Green Week. Here’s some examples of what NBA teams are doing to support the environment:
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NFL's New LEED Certified Stadium

Good news for sports fans and environmentalists alike - the NFL's first ever LEED certified stadium will open as early as 2011. LEED (Leadership in Environmental Initiative and Design) gives certificates to buildings that adhere to stringent environmentally sustainable building practices. The Los Angeles stadium has not been named home to a team yet. But, the stadium is already making history...
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