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Zipcar Philadelphia Certificates Makes a Great Sustainable Gift Idea!

It's 5 days before Christmas and I can practically smell the excitement in the air. For some of us that anticipation may be commingled with final frenetic shopping. No matter, if you're still on the hunt for that last-minute sustainable gift idea Zipcar zipcertificates may be your answer. Have a young adult on your list? Research shows 18-34 year olds (the Millenials) are increasingly forgoing car ownership and adopting alternative means of transportation such as car-sharing services like Zipcar. In a Zipcar study, 78% of Millennial respondents said car ownership is difficult due to high cost of gas, parking and maintenance. Philadelphia provides good sources of public transportation but sometimes a car is just necessary for those major shopping hauls. family visits, or impromptu road trips. A Zipcertificate starts at $50.
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