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Philly Spring Cleanup Day

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6th Annual Fairmount Spring Cleanup

Join the Fairmount Civic Association for our 6th annual Spring Cleanup, in conjunction with the Philly Spring Cleanup. Volunteers will meet at the playground at 22nd and Brown to receive supplies such as gloves, trash bags, and rakes. We will...
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Where My Peers At? Why Philly Spring Cleanup Day Matters

The 7th annual Philly Spring Cleanup Day was on Saturday, April 5th. Over 14,000 volunteers helped pick up 970,900 lbs of trash and 29,940 lbs of recycled materials. Pretty awesome, right Philly? GPB has been hosting a park cleanup at the 8th & Poplar fields for the past 3 years, when anywhere from 7-25 volunteers arrive to pick up trash, dispose of empty 40's, and ultimately better our community. While the volunteers that show up are great, I've noticed the majority of faces helping out are community groups, sustainability professionals and personal friends. Read on for my observations, after the jump!
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