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RittenhouseTown Fair

Join Historic RittenhouseTown at our 2nd Annual Town Fair! This is a free event hosted on our 20-acre parks & rec site nestled in the heart of the Wissahickon Valley of Philadelphia. The event features local vendors, food and drink,...
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Quick Tips

Quick Tip – Cut That Excess

Need to cut some excess from your life? While you may be familiar with Beth's Paper Peeve and my co-workers apologize each time they print a doc... but no longer fear! An easy gesture such as shrinking your margins (I recommend .5" on all sides ) on computer printouts will save your printer (and co-workers) pages. Word 2007 even has an easy default: Go to the "Page Layout" ribbon Click the "Margins" dropdown Select "Narrow". You'll be amazed at how much more info you can fit & trees you can save! (One study by Change the Margins says if you change your margins to .75" on all sides, you can reduce paper by 4.75% - saving 1.14 trees per ton of paper. If the whole US changed their margins, we'd save 6,156,000 trees every year just by a small change.)
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Paper: Such a necessary evil…

Paper... yep it's inescapable ... we use it constantly to communicate and to maintain records. It's used in packaging materials, cleaning products, even occasionally as a food ingredient. It's certainly a necessary resource. But do we have to use so darn much? Some people save practically everything in paper form. Now, I'm not talking about the sentimental stuff like old concert ticket stubs or birthday cards. I'm referring to those of us who keep piles of memo’s from '05 that they still haven't gotten around to reading , their dry cleaning bills for the past decade, Us Weekly's from the Jen Aniston and Brad era... some people may call these folks hoarders, I call 'em paper junkies.
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