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Be Green Packaging: Better Alternative to Plastic

I don't know about you, but nothing bothers me more than styrofoam. In 2013, there's no reason to use something so horrible for the atmosphere. And plastic, disposable packaging isn’t a much better choice. That's why companies like Be Green Packaging are so awesome. Be Green Packaging LLC creates alternatives to the ordinary plastic (and styrofoam) crap you find for takeout or picnics. All of their items are made from... Find out more, after the jump!
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Zero Waste Home: The Johnson’s

One thing I enjoy about being a green activist and blogger is my belief in the value of a sustainable lifestyle is often reenergized by the efforts of others. Lately I’ve been giving thought to the zero waste home – as the family behind the concept continues to garner well-deserved press. The Johnsons of Mill Valley, California are the zero waste family. The Johnson family’s primary goal is to avoid bringing anything into the house that must eventually be discarded. Read on!
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It's Semi-Annual Sale Season: Is Shopping Online Greener?

In case you haven't had an influx of emails from retailers across the country announcing their semi-annual sales the past few weeks, here's another reminder! "But money is tight... times are tough" We've been hearing these phrases more often than ever the past year. However, every once in awhile you need to treat yourself. So take advantage and shop. But here's the question - is shopping online really more eco-friendly than hitting up the stores? The truth is it's a case by case situation. Here's a few things to consider:
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