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PA Conference for Women

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Local Lessons from the PA Conference for Women

"Women are damn resilient." One of the first speakers for the PA Conference for Women, Jill Abramson, was referring to her recent firing as The New York Times' executive editor in May 2014. But like Jill, the resiliency and power of women continued as a theme throughout the day. Although women were the focus of the conference, men and women can both discover lessons about how to make a difference in our community, become involved, and help others. Find the Pennsylvania Conference for Women 2014 Recap, after the jump!
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PA Conference for Women: Who to Watch

It's official: The PA Conference for Women is sold out. If you're lucky enough to have snagged a ticket, get psyched for a lineup of power women including Jill Abramson, Diane Keaton, and Robin Roberts. This day-long conference based in our city has loads of programming about career development, personal finance, entrepreneurship, social media and way more. Plus, what's better than being inspired for a day and reengage in the community?
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