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outdoor recreation

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4 week Nature-based Playgroup

Nature-based playgroups are immersive, structured play sessions in nature, (not playgrounds) with the goal of fostering friendships, improving fine and gross motor skills, as well as emotional regulation and mental health. This is an inclusive group and children with and...
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Philadelphia City Nature Challenge

As we say goodbye to April showers and hello to May flowers, you too can bloom and grow by taking part in the Philadelphia City Nature Challenge, a 4-day bio-blitz where cities worldwide see who can record the most wildlife....
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Philadelphia Bioblitz 2020

Join The Discovery Center for the Philadelphia Fall Bioblitz 2020. Using the free iNaturalist app, join us as we identify plants, animals, and fungi along the trail. Guided Walks at 12:00 pm & 2:00 pm. In compliance with CDC guidelines,...
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