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new years resolutions

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Why I’m Not Making a New Years Resolution

Get dressed up. Ball drops. Make a list of how to be more awesome in 2014. Did this sound like your December 31st evening? I've (almost) officially given up on New Years resolutions. To be totally honest, I don't know if I keep track of New Years resolutions after January 2nd. Instead, I've moved to throughout-the-year changes. I can even show a few examples to prove it:
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Five Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions That’ll Save You Money

Well helloooo 2013! As a new year is upon us and we're bombarded with ideas on how to be our best, thinnest, richest, smartest self ever we have some ideas to throw in the mix. Of course these resolutions are good for the planet, but the bonus is there also good for your wallet (and don't involve a gym membership or chalky protein shakes.) After all, who isn't looking to save a few bucks as those holiday credit card bills roll in? Click through for green resolutions!
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