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Banana Protein Muffins Recipe

I'm convinced that most banana muffin recipes are born as a result of a bunch of bananas sitting on the counter about to go bad. Well, at least that's the situation I find myself in every time I bake with bananas. So I had my browning bananas and I happened to be craving a good muffin.  BUT I really wanted these muffins to contain some protein. If I don't eat protein with my breakfast I'm typically hangry (angry hungry) shortly after. I also had hopes of keeping these fairly low sugar to avoid that post breakfast sugar crash that occurs with most bakery muffins. Suddenly I was inspired and these banana protein muffins were born. I was a little nervous baking with stevia for the first time, but ended up being pleaseantly surprised. These banana protein muffins are so good with a little bit of earth balance, peanut butter or even jam! (And they passed the husband test too). Click through for the recipe.
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