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March Against Monsanto Philadelphia

Disgusted by GMOs? Uh, who isn't right? The "frankenfood" found in supermarkets these days is downright scary. Well, one month from today you'll have a chance to publicly show your opposition. March Against Monsanto Philadelphia takes place on Saturday October 12th at 2pm. The March Against Monsanto group advocates labeling GMO foods as such. Monsanto (and the FDA) maintain labeling food that contains genetically modified ingredients isn't necessary. And the public is forced to ask why? What are they so afraid of?  After researching and reading about GMOs for the past few years I must say ignorance is not bliss, my friends.
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Are There Scary GMOs on Your Plate?

It is highly likely. A GMO, also referred to as “frankenfood”, is a genetically modified organism created through the process of selecting, splicing, removing, and/or adding desired genes. There has been an increase in the amount of GMOs grown in the US, but what are the reasons? Find out about the history on the upsurge of GMOs, the benefits, consequences & latest controversies, after the jump:
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Miracle-Gro, Organic, or ‘Who Cares’ Soil? Friday Quickie

If you haven't started seedlings yet for your spring & summer crops, it's time to get started. First thing: which potting mix should you choose? Although Miracle-Gro tends to dominate Home Depot & conventional 'home' stores, you may be supporting a scary brand. Miracle-gro has fertilizers and synthetic chemicals, criticized for not improving soil over the long term but instead leaching unnatural chemicals into streams and ponds. (Find out more, after the jump!)
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