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5 Local & Bulk Healthy Snacks for work

Working in the suburbs tempts a gal with unhealthy snacking during the day. Whether you work in the city or afar, prepping for that mid-afternoon craving can save you from a dreaded vending machine trip. Besides, many conventional snack foods - i.e. think Ritz, Tostitos & Wheat thins - often contain GMOs and other questionable preservatives. You don't have to compromise taste for alternatives. Find out what 5 local, bulk & healthier alternatives are on our list!
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Back to School: How to Pack a More Sustainable Lunch

It's that time again! As much as we all don't want to say sayonara to summer the school season is upon us. Back to school time brings a myriad of emotions - excitement, anxiety, relief (helloooo, parents) and for the childless worker bees among us - a bit of nostalgia. Beyond the new clothes, fresh notebooks and binders - parents and students have to think about what to pack for lunch each school day. Of course, most schools offer cafeteria options, but let's face it they can be pretty nasty and more expensive than bagged lunches. Click through for some ideas to make lunches a little greener.
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