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Low Car Diet

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Chatting with 2011 Zipcar Low Car Diet Participant: Rachael Kennedy

Rachael Kennedy recently completed her Low Car Diet with Zipcar, just like I did last year! We had a chance to ask her a few questions about her experience. She’s a recent Temple University graduate who moved to Philly last August. Just as she was going on her second year as a city-dweller and sick of the parking scene, she heard about Zipcar. The Low Car Diet seemed like a perfect trial period to go car-less. Now, for the questions: Green Philly Blog: How does it feel to be car-free?
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Julie’s Low Car Diet Update

Hey guys- The last 2 1/2 weeks sans car have been quite exciting! I've got the train schedule down and have been taking the shorter Express morning train, finished 3 books (2 of which have been Chelsea Handler & Tucker Max) and have read the Metro every morning. Some other highlights include:
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Zipcar’s Low Car Diet: GPB’s Julie Chosen!

Hey guys! Exciting news... After I applied on a whim, I was picked to be 1 of 20 lucky participants in Zipcar's Low Car Diet! Starting tomorrow for 30-days, I'll be virtually car-free! As co-author of Green Philly Blog, I know we all have skeletons in our trying-to-be-green closet... and haven't been able to kick my dreaded driving habit while working in the suburbs (which lacks a solid transit system). So I'm giving this a go, refraining from lunch outings and staying late on the weekdays. Every day, I'll be updating Julie's Low Car Diet blog to
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