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Man Vs. Vegetables: Can Dudes Survive As Vegetarian?

It is awkward to be a vegetarian in the company of carnivores. I’m out to eat with my parents, in town visiting, and we’ve stopped for a bite to eat. And I am realizing for the first time since adopting my new diet what it means to be a man and a vegetarian in America. The waitress asks me if I’m a vegetarian after she takes my order. Although in the grand scheme this isn’t a big deal, I do notice that when my father orders meatloaf, she does not say, “Carnivore, huh?” In these questionable moments when I feel like I’ve committed a social taboo, I realize how important my meat-free decision is for my own personal growth. By giving up meat and seafood for the forty days of Lent, I can challenge my religious discipline AND my own preconceived notions about the dietary expectations of an American male. Read on as l examine my clumsy metamorphosis into a vegetarian, and find out more about my journey:
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40 Day Lent Challenge: Can One Survive on Philly Products?

Confession: When I was supposed to give up something for Lent growing up, I failed miserably. (Sorry Mom & Dad!)  Whether it was chocolate or swearing, I caved at some point. Instead of failing again at a petty sacrifice, I decided to make a 40-day commitment in 2012 that could make an environmental impact.  Some of my potential options... "Going vegan for 40 days"? Overdone.  (Plus, many people are vegan by choice... like the Skinny Bitches, LA & this Team Vegan Philly.  It would be like one of my friends saying "Guess what! I'm going eco-friendly for 40 days." Yawn.)  Zero-waste household? The Johnsons have already documented their transformation. So, I decided to go back to my roots... My 40 day challenge is
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