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LEED certified

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Glaxo Move – Green or Not (.com)?

GlaxoSmithKline announced last week that it's moving to a LEED-certified building in the Navy Yard from its current Center City location. According to the story, "GSK says it will sign 15 1/2-year lease for a four-story, 205,000-square-foot facility being developed by Liberty Property Trust and Synterra Partners". Glaxo would move all its employees either at One & Three Franklin Plaza Center city locations to south Philly in late 2012/early 2013. I definitely commend any company who wants to become green and up its efficiency. The eco-friendly design should (find out more, after the jump!)
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NFL's New LEED Certified Stadium

Good news for sports fans and environmentalists alike - the NFL's first ever LEED certified stadium will open as early as 2011. LEED (Leadership in Environmental Initiative and Design) gives certificates to buildings that adhere to stringent environmentally sustainable building practices. The Los Angeles stadium has not been named home to a team yet. But, the stadium is already making history...
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