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Reliable Glass Storage in the Kitchen: Kick Plastic with Wean Green

After learning more about plastics (and especially how heating plastics can lead to nasty chemicals leaking), I've made a pledge to replace plastics with alternatives wherever I can... starting with my kitchen. Wean Green is a Canadian company "dedicated to providing parents with safe and environmental baby products that (find out more about Wean Green & kicking plastic from your kitchen, after the jump!)
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Moore College Plants Herb Garden for Cafeteria & Sustainability

I’m so proud of Moore College of Art & Design’s continued sustainability initiatives! One of their most recent endeavors was to plant a herb garden to produce fresh ingredients that will be built into their SAGE Dining Services menu. SAGE Food Service Director Anthony Condo and Executive Chef John Starett recycled an old salad bar cart to use as an incubator to plant cilantro, dill, basil, lavender, parsley, oregano and chives during spring break in March. Once the weather became warm, the cart was moved outside – and they’re hoping to
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