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Cherry Hill Auto Dealer Unveils Environmentally Friendly Motorcycles

Cherry Hill automotive and motorcycle dealers, Eckenhoff Automotive, unveiled the eco conscious Zero Motorcycle line this Monday. Zero Motorcycles are dubbed “electric super motor bikes” manufactured in Santa Cruz, California. These days they’re the leader in the electric bike industry. I spoke with the father, son team - Ted and Glenn Eckenhoff- to get the scoop. Read on for details!
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Green Winners & Losers of the Philadelphia Auto Show

I was pretty psyched to see the Philadelphia Auto Show… not because I wanted to see the rich, expensive cars I could never dream of affording… but because I've received many updates from corporate car brands to test-drive the latest and greatest green models. So how did everything pan out?  With the Grammys on Sunday and Oscars fast approaching, I wanted to share my winners for green themes at the 2012 Philadelphia Auto Show: (What are you waiting for? Click here! I know you're dying to know...)
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Secrets to Calculating Your Carbon Footprint (What They Don’t Tell You)

The term "Carbon Footprint" is becoming more common these days. Basically it refers to recognizing that actions you take produce greenhouse gases, or carbon dioxide 'emissions' that impact the environment. For example, if you drive X miles to work each day, you will put Y tons of carbon emissions into the air from your driving. You can calculate an estimate of your carbon footprint on various websites such as So, how do you reduce your carbon footprint?
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