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Job Alert: Urban Blazers & Energy Co-Op

Can't wait for five o'clock? Here's two job alerts for y'all: Urban Blazers: Program Coordinator Urban Blazers is hiring an additional 2- 3 program coordinators, with part-time program coordinators can be hired to manage a single site at as little as 3-4 hrs per week or several sites at 18-22 hrs per week.
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Obama Visits Bucks County to Talk Energy

Obama swung by a wind-turbine Plant to talk about Energy, reducing US oil imports and getting clean Energy on Wednesday afternoon. This coincides with Obama's announcement for re-election. Luckily, Philadelphia is producing a whole-lot of green-energy jobs as part of Obama's energy initiatives. But as we saw from his State of the Union Address, he needs to step up his actions and talk less about the changes. "These are not your father's windmills," Obama told (find out more, after the jump!)
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