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Green Gifts Under $50 for Everyone on Your List

With twenty days left til Christmas it’s time to get your green gift shopping on! Don’t stress, friends, we have your guide to affordable, eco-friendly items for everyone on your list. Fashionistas: For the fashionable lady who likes to be sustainable while looking cute gift the Jous Jous Eco Friendly Handmade Earring. I love all the colors, but especially the red and green. (See these beauties on the right.) Kids : The tots in your life will have fun with this Green Toys Recycling Truck. And, their parents will be grateful you didn’t gift them something toxic or noisy. Click through for more recommendations!
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Friday Quickie: Give the Gift of Green

Have a family member or friend that refuses to kick an ugly not-so-green habit? For their next birthday or holiday, casually give them a greener option. Have a friend that goes through Starbucks coffee cups like cigarettes? Maybe your sister uses bottled water at the gym? Purchase aluminum water bottles, coffee mugs, or grocery totes to give to the perpetrator.  With so many varieties available, you'll definitely find something that fits his or her personality. Try browsing Philly's Big Green Earth Store or Olde city/Midtown boutiques for earth-friendly finds. Plus, the gift of green... keeps on giving! :-)
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Coolest Etsy Find. Ever.

I was scrolling my fav site, Etsy, for gifts (for myself... err others) and found this necklace.. a Wearable Planter Necklace! This jewelry from Holland is totally sweet, and I love plants... but I must ask... how can you keep a plant alive in a small little necklace? Do you have to hang your necklace outside, making sure to 'water your jewelry' after watering your garden? At least you're adding some more plants to wherever you travel. Anyway, this is too awesome not to share. Posted by Julie
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Philadelphia’s Big Green Earth Store

The Big Green Earth Store, located at 934 South St. is perfect for your green needs. They offer everything from recycled handbags to cool eco-shirts like this very timely "Stop Animal Abuse" shirt - plus a selection of of reusable water bottles, eco-friendly pet care products, and many other fun and practical green items.
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Green Your Valentine's Day

It may be a contrived, made-up “hallmark holiday” - but who doesn’t like an excuse to give and get? This Valentine’s Day you can do that and show love to the planet at the same time. Here's some tips to green your Valentine’s Day:
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