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green eating

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Moore College of Art & Design Greens Cafe

Moore College of Art & Design continues to set a green example in the college community. Furthering their commitment to be more eco-friendly, they've replaced the majority of paper products in student dining halls with plates made from tempered glass, reusable plastic cups and silverware. (The glassware is more environmentally friendly than chinaware because it is more durable and can be recycled if damaged or flawed in the production process.) This recyclable dishware movement came about in part from an Environmental Task Force at the College comprised of students, staff and faculty, promoting responsible eco-friendly practices at the College through educational programs and sustainable building initiatives. Since 2007, Moore has implemented other eco-friendly measures, including:
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Endangered Species Chocolate – So Worth It

Listen up chocolate lovers - Endangered Species Chocolate is where it's at. I tasted this delicious cocoa treat in Southern California recently and was hooked. As a chocolate lover, I felt like I was living under a rock having not heard of it previously. What's even better? Endangered Species is registered with and meets all requirements of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. ) They practice the 3 R's
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Green Philly

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