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Green Drinks

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Healthy and Delicious Valentine’s Day Smoothie

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s the holiday many people love to hate or is it hate to love… hmmm… Here’s the good news: no matter what you have going on in your romantic life this holiday- this is a smoothie you’re bound to love. Inspired by the Rosie's Romance super-food smoothie from NYC’s The Juice Press, this is a delectable blend with a pretty, valentine’s appropriate hue. Read on for the simple recipe!
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Alex Elman Wines Review

Sometimes you hear a story about someone who has faced adversity and not only risen above their challenges but done something good because of them. Stories like that are inspiring, and have a way of putting things in perspective. In my eyes this is one of them. Alex Elman lost her sight at 27 years old due to complications from diabetes. Her loss of one sense helped heighten another - taste. She discovered she possesses an exceptional palette for wine tasting. Read on after the jump!
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McGillin’s Eco-Movement: Philadelphia’s Oldest Bar Goes Green

Typically, we see lots of new companies giving momentum to the green movement - which is why when Philly's oldest pub goes green, it's even cooler. 150-year old McGillin’s Olde Ale House (13th & Drury) recently chose to switch from traditional light bulbs to energy-efficient LED lighting to both reduce their carbon footprint & energy costs. McGillin’s has already started their switch to completely LED lighting that lasts up to 50 x's longer than their current lighting (90% less energy than traditional bulbs), saving the pub’s electricity costs by more than 25%. Besides reducing fossil fuels, McGillin’s efforts to go green include strict recycling practices and focusing on local draft beers instead of choices bottled and shipped long distances. Chris Mullins, co-owner of McGillin’s says,
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