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March Against Monsanto Philadelphia

Disgusted by GMOs? Uh, who isn't right? The "frankenfood" found in supermarkets these days is downright scary. Well, one month from today you'll have a chance to publicly show your opposition. March Against Monsanto Philadelphia takes place on Saturday October 12th at 2pm. The March Against Monsanto group advocates labeling GMO foods as such. Monsanto (and the FDA) maintain labeling food that contains genetically modified ingredients isn't necessary. And the public is forced to ask why? What are they so afraid of?  After researching and reading about GMOs for the past few years I must say ignorance is not bliss, my friends.
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Are There Scary GMOs on Your Plate?

It is highly likely. A GMO, also referred to as “frankenfood”, is a genetically modified organism created through the process of selecting, splicing, removing, and/or adding desired genes. There has been an increase in the amount of GMOs grown in the US, but what are the reasons? Find out about the history on the upsurge of GMOs, the benefits, consequences & latest controversies, after the jump:
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5 Ways to Avoid GMOs in Your Food

Raise your hand if you want to enjoy your food with a helping of genetically modified ingredients. Anyone? Bueller...Bueller? No, didn't think so... We've previously discussed the California GMO veto known as Prop 37 which would have would have required food companies, grocers and retailers to label products with genetically modified ingredients as such. While the proposition didn't pass this year and has yet to be introduced in Pennsylvania (though farmers have spoken up) and other states there are some key things we can do to avoid GMOs. 1. Purchase food that's 100% organic, and check it twice. In the US and Canada food is not permitted to be labeled 100% organic if it's been genetically modified. The trouble is that many food items are splashed with the "organic" label and no percentage explicitly expressed. If it doesn't say 100% it's not necessarily free of GMOs. 2. Become familiar with fruit and vegetable label numbers.
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Prop 37: California Vetoes GMO Label – For Now

In the wake of the election there's more to discuss than the presidential race and the party's winners and losers. Though it wasn't on my ballot one thing on my mind this past week has been California's decision to veto Prop 37, the labeling of genetically modified food. These results prompt me to ask the ever articulate question ... huh? Proposition 37, dubbed The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act would have required food companies, grocers and retailers to label products with genetically modified ingredients as such. This means consumers could pick up any item on their grocer's shelves and make a more informed buying decision.
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