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Gemelli Gelato

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Gemelli Gelato: Local & Authentic from Vincenzo Tettamanti

Who's ready for authentic, local and delicious gelato? We're ecstatic for Gemelli Gelato Desserts & Cafe to soon open up in West Chester! This upcoming Gelateria pledges to bring you homemade, wholesome, local and organic ingredients for a superior dessert experience. Fresh milk, cream & yogurt are sourced from local Lancaster farms; produce, jams, cheeses & honey are via your local farmers, too. Just check out their full list of ingredients. Don't expect flashy, fake colors either. Mint and green apple gelatos come in whites. Vincenzo & Julianne Tettamanti are the masterminds behind the simple, fresh dessert that will soon takeover West Chester. I've known the Italian entrepreneur, Vincenzo, from a previous marketing life and have happily discussed his progress for months. Recently, I sat down with Vincenzo to find out more about his inspiration behind Gemelli, what we can expect and how he's sourcing ingredients.
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