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Quick Tips

Quick Tip – Carpool!

Carpools are catching on quite rapidly due to inflated gas prices. Make sure to reach out to others when driving to work, school, and vacations. You'll save gas, reduce your carbon footprint, and have a buddy to ease any road rage or traffic pains.
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A Nod to Philly Bikers

Over dinner last night, a friend told me that she recently started riding a bike around the city and is really enjoying it. Her new-found love affair with biking caught her off guard because she had always been intimidated by cyclists. Aren't they afraid of getting hit by crazy Philly drivers?!? But her fear has been conquered, "It's like you're in a video game! I can get everywhere in over half the time!" Her experience got me thinking that others who have decided biking as a form of transportation isn't for them may want to reconsider. Here's a few reasons why:
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