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Where to Take Gardening Classes in Philadelphia – WCI Weds

"Where can I take organic gardening classes in Philadelphia?" (Question via email from reader Carla) Whether you're a seasoned gardening pro or brand-spanking new to planting your own foliage, you can pick up a new trick or two by talking with other gardeners. Lucky for Carla, Philadelphia has a range of gardening classes and workshops from planting your seedlings to harvesting the fruits of your labor. Our list for today's Where Can I Wednesday post does not distinguish organic classes, but many of the methods local farmers are using are naturally organic. Please contact the program provider to ask additional questions. Here's where to take gardening classes in Philly:
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5 Benefits of Composting for your Urban Garden

Composting.  We all hear about how great it is and that we should do it. But what is compost exactly and what are the benefits that make it worthwhile? Composting 101 Composting is organic matter that has been decomposed and can be used as fertilizer. Many gardeners are beginning to use it, but why? Here are five benefits of composting:
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