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Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Holiday Pop Up Store Gives Shoppers Options

This year why not take a break from gifting traditional department store sweaters and ties? A refreshing alternative is available in the form of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Holiday Pop Up Store. PHS has taken over a storefront in a prime retail location in Chesnut Hill. The 400 square-foot space will be transformed into a holiday shopping haven, adorned with birch wood and green garland, accented with touches of glitter and mercury glass, and offering exceptional gifts for the garden, design, culinary, and Flower Show enthusiasts on your holiday list.
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PHS’s Green Machine Makes Philly Parks Beautiful

I'd like to give a special shout-out today to the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society! Philly Mag did a nice write-up about President Drew Becher a few months ago, and they continue to make huge strides in the green community & beautifying Philly. One of the latest efforts reaches out to youths - The Green Machine, a special program run by PHS and funded by the William Penn Foundation, is to deliver expertise and assistance to those who use and love (find out more, after the jump!)
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Quick Tip: Watering Tips for your City Garden & Houseplants

Did you know the #1 mistake of plants is actually OVER-watering them? Over-watering causes soil to get so soggy that oxygen cannot reach the roots, encourages certain bacteria growth and can lead to root rot. I've recently started my back-porch city garden with a deceased pepper plant limited snafu's & have reaped 6 tomatoes already! Unfortunately, my baby desk plant has recently caught the downfall of my 'learning' green thumb and was slightly overwatered: How can you prevent your plants from overwatering? Here's some tips:
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