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Free Library of Philadelphia

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Philadelphia Mural Arts Celebrates 30th Anniversary

What started as an Anti-Graffiti Network quickly evolved into an art. Eventually evolving into the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. Jane Golden began reaching out and redirecting many graffiti writers in 1984.  Golden encouraged many creators of vandalisms to channel their creativity to better Philadelphia. Thanks to Jane Golden,
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Recycling Old Batteries – Response to Reader ?

How should I recycle old batteries? -Chris, Green Philly Blog Reader Good question, Chris! Did you know that over 3 BILLION single-use, dry cell batteries are disposed of in landfills? Most importantly, I'd first recommend switching your batteries to rechargeable ones over the single-use. I have approximately 8 reusables and a charger, so I always have backups for my toothbrush/etc when previous ones need recharging. To answer your question, here's where to drop off & recycle your batteries in Philadelphia area:
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Meeting the Skinny Bitch Herself! Kim Barnouin Lecture & Book Signing

The Skinny Bitch herself came to Philly to talk about the "V" word. Kim Barnouin, author of Skinny Bitch, discussed Veganism and her popular best-seller last evening at the Free Library of Philadelphia. She brought up some interesting topics including: the often controversial tone of Skinny Bitch (She & co-author Rory talk like that in 'real life'. Plus, America's in a food crisis: we need "Tough Love", not babying); the increased awareness of Veganism (the book came out 4 years ago and we're now seeing veganism popularized by Kind Diet and more); organic foods and protein to name a few. Kim also brought up the environmental impact of animal-based food. The carbon footprint is huge:
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